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Learn From PGA Tour Professional Danny Edwards:

  • 5-Time PGA Tour Winner
  • Selected A Top 100 Golfer of the Modern Era
  • Winner of the Japanese Masters
  • One of 6 golfers since 1960 to finish Low Amateur in the Open Championship & win a PGA Tour Event: (Danny Edwards, Hal Sutton, Jose Maria Olazabal, Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, Rory McIlroy)

You Can Do It With The Chipping Equation

  • Would you like to take 2-3-4 strokes off your scores?
  • Would you like to win your flight in the Club Championship?
  • Would you like to get 60%, 70%, or 80% up and downs around the green?
  • Would you like to have the satisfaction, as you leave the course, that you have an outstanding short game?

You can have it with The Chipping Equation!

Recent TrackMan Test in Denmark

After chipping 300-plus golf balls with every club from an 8-iron to a 62-degree lob wedge. . .

Statement of Analysis from TrackMan

“With swing speeds below 30 mph (chipping swing speeds) and lofts above 45 degrees (all lob wedges), the golf ball starts rolling across the clubface, skidding across the face, compromising spin rate, launch angle and quality of strike.”

What Does This Mean?


How does this inconsistency affect you?

By using inconsistent lob wedges, you are leaving strokes on the course, because your chips are not close enough to the hole to make a high percentage of putts!



  • Stop aiming for a target you CAN’T hit.
  • Learn the ACCURACY the Chipping Equation provides.
  • Stop the GUESSING that has been taught for years!

Hear What Customers Are Saying About the Chipping Equation

I truly want to thank you again for helping me with my short game.

You have literally helped me increase my game level to another level! I feel so confident around the green, and especially, I have made so many chip in! The chipping equation for me is a life changer! Making pars around the greens have never been that easy and it is very simple and I just love the way it has made me even more creative around the greens and even made me a better green reader!

Thank you again Danny! What you have created is simple, but incredibly genius!!”

Josée Doyon

Collegiate standout, lady professional, recent tournament winner, on her way to LPGA!

Craig Watson, PGA Member, Top College Golf Coach

“I learned at an early age to pitch with my 6 and 8 irons as well as my pitching wedge but we now have a generation of young players that play every shot around the greens with a high lofted or lob wedge, and seem to fail more than they succeed in search of the spinning shot that stops quickly by the pin. Even though we’ve all heard Roger Cleveland say “the leading edge of your SW or LW is not your friend” it’s hard to get that wedge out of the hands of a young golfer. Danny discovered and has the TrackMan data that shows the less lofted clubs (when used with the correct ball position, the right posture and appropriate swing pace) are more accurate and have a larger margin for error and are just plain easier to use in getting the ball closer to the cup for a shorter, makeable putt.

Danny developed a framework around a technique that previously was just a chip and run shot. The chipping EQUATION works. This past summer I made the commitment in practice and tournament practice rounds to use my 8 iron or pitching wedge (depending on the distance) in nearly every situation other than having to lob the ball over a bunker. The more I tested the Chipping Equation the more I discovered that is works almost everywhere at almost every distance.   

I introduced the Chipping Equation to our men’s and women’s golf teams at our University and was impressed with the number of players that put the Chipping Equation into their tournament shot options and called on it in competition right away, with terrific outcomes. Getting the ball up and down when around the green becomes easier when the spot to land the ball is closer to you and the Chipping Equation does just that. A player will eliminate the chunked and skulled pitch shot and have more makeable putts and saving par.”

What are you WAITING FOR?

You can have the same results as these golfers!


The Danny Edwards Story chronicles how one young man surpassed himself and pushed the boundaries to achieve excellence.


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