About Danny Edwards
Danny Edwards is a lifetime PGA Tour member and the creator of The Chipping Equation. As a pro, Danny won 20 tournaments worldwide including 5 PGA Tour championships. He was recently selected as one of the Top 100 Professional Golfers of The Modern Era.

Before the accolades, Danny wasn’t a golfer at all. But in the summer of 1965, Danny noticed some men walking around the high school football field carrying bags and hitting small white balls with what looked like a metal stick.

When he asked what they were doing they said,”hitting golf balls”! Later that summer he noticed an older man with a bushel basket full of those golf balls hitting them with several boys.

The man said “do you want to hit some?” Danny said “sure.”

A Golf Career was Born
Six months later Danny got a set of clubs for Christmas and played at Weeks Park in Wichita Falls, Texas where his family was visiting an uncle. After shooting a 43 on his first ever nine holes on a course, the Pro asked if they had fun and what did you shoot? Danny said 43 and the Pro said how long have you been playing? Danny said this is my first time to play a course!

The pro looked at him like he was from Mars! And that started a journey! There were no golf courses in his hometown of Edmond, Oklahoma or golf professionals to learn from, but three years later as a high school senior, Danny won the Oklahoma State High School Golf Tournament and a career was born!